The 2017-18 growing season is a few days ahead of the last couple of years. Want to know why the winemakers around the country are obsessed with a a tiny little thing called bud burst? Because the time of bud burst will affect the harvest date. Bud burst occurred 4-6 days earlier than last year, which means we are on-track for a timely harvest.

Unique climate, unique ripening, unique flavours

The timing of bud burst varies per region, sub-region and even by vineyard. One reason why the Tupari vineyard site is so unique, is that it has it’s own specific mesoclimate (yes that’s a word!) created by our gorgeous geographical setting. This means our vineyard does not follow the “average” for Marlborough or even most of the Awatere. So, when we say our site is unique, we mean exactly that. Unique climate, unique ripening, unique flavours.

Flowers that turn into grapes

We can’t see the flowers yet, but they will appear shortly, and look like tiny bunches of grapes. I will keep you posted of the progress as these little flowers turn into bunches of grapes (weather gods willing).

Too much of a good thing

At this time of the year we carefully monitor the vines, and when we can see how many tiny bunches of grapes there are, we can make sure there are just the right number. If there are too many bunches, which dilutes the flavours, we will remove some by hand. Working one vine at a time until we have the perfect number to ensure the best possible quality.

Below images: Bud burst, Pink Pukeko Rosé and noble rot Riesling on the vine – perfect conditions for our Late Harvest Riesling


For Dessert Wine Lovers

The winery is busy preparing our 2017 Late Harvest Riesling for bottling. We have stored the wine at low temperature (<0C) for the last few months as it slowly falls clear.

It smells of honey and candied citrus peel and tastes luscious – your dessert wine lovers will LOVE this wine. It’s deliciously sweet. We only produce this wine when the conditions during harvest allow for the formation of “Noble Rot”. This sounds like an oxymoron, but if the berries don’t split, the rot or mould allows water to pass through the skin and concentrates the sugar and flavour inside the berry. Sugar and flavour a key and our award winning 2014 vintage (available now) illustrates the depth of flavour we can produce when the conditions are right. In 2014 and now in 2017 the conditions were perfect.

Another Sophisticated Savvy

Our 2017 Boulder Rows Sauvignon Blanc is maturing in oak barrels and will be bottled before next harvest.  This wine relies on extensive lees ageing to develop the creamy texture and layers of secondary flavours that are the hallmark of our Boulder Rows. We taste it regularly to monitor the progress. The time and effort of crafting this wine in individual oak barrels is what makes it special. Who will love this wine – restaurants, wine lovers & sophisticated wine drinkers!


Cheers, Glenn – Winemaker