About us

We are fine wine producers creating some of NZ’s best artisan wine from the Awatere Valley of Marlborough, NZ. Tupari (pronouced Too-pa-ree, meaning ‘sunny-cliff’) takes its name from the dramatic cliffs in the vineyard where our family and award winning winemaker Glenn Thomas have collaborated to create a selection of exquisite wines. Our artisan wine range is rated as some of NZ’s best wine and includes sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, pinot gris and dry riesling.

Our story began when our dear friend and renowned winemaker Glenn, founded and tendered our estate vineyard. Glenn selected specific areas for planting so that the vines produce the purest characteristics – and so began our journey to create a pure expression of NZ wine.

From our idyllic vineyard in the Awatere Valley, we nurture our vines to enhance the unique characteristics from our land. We work in partnership and friendship with Glenn to create beautiful, artisan wine. Tupari wines carry New Zealand Wine Growers sustainability accreditation. We use holistic and sustainable viticulture and winemaking practices wherever possible. We believe this is a key part in creating wine of unique personality with an amazing taste. Read more about our sustainable practices and 0% chemical residue rating here.

Tupari wine embodies the essence and the purity of our land. It is wine that we love and want to share with you. We are pleased to be launching into the consumer market, enabling you to buy our wine online at great prices. Cheers!

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Our history

From a dream of returning to the land, Heather and David Turnbull purchased farmland in the upper reaches of the Awatere Valley in 1988. Glenn was attracted to the district to become the Awatere’s founding winemaker, producing the valley’s first sauvignon blanc. The Awatere Valley is now known as one of the world’s great wine making regions

The families met when Glenn and partner Sharon leased the Turnbull’s farm cottage. It only took a few bottles of wine for Glenn to convince the Turnbull’s that their river terraces were perfectly positioned and in 2002 Tupari vineyard was planted with sauvignon blanc, followed by pinot noir, pinot gris and riesling.

For the Turnbull family, Tupari began as a way to bring to the world the essence and purity of the magnificent Awatere Valley. For Glenn, Tupari allows him to expertly interweave artistry and skill to create beautiful wine.