Tupari – a lifestyle philosophy

Tupari is about the way we want to live our lives and interact with the land and, working to ensure we create the purest expression of NZ wine from the famous Awatere Valley.

In short, the business has grown out of a desire to lead an idyllic lifestyle and produce the very best from our land. The result is beautiful wines we love to drink and want share with you.

Bringing you a taste of our land

We aim to bring the essence and purity of our land to the world. So far we are reaching that goal! The award winning Tupari range is found in top restaurants worldwide.

Our land and vineyard offers some of the best and most unique growing characteristics you can find. Our expert winemaker Glenn has selected specific planting areas to achieve the best results.

When harvest approaches, Glenn is found in the vineyard tasting the grapes to pinpoint the perfect moment to harvest. This pivotal moment in the vineyard is what makes the most delicious wine.

To intensify the flavour of the grapes, we use the shoot and bunch thinning technique to produce low-cropping levels (average yield 6 – 10 T/ha). We are totally committed to creating the best possible wine in sustainable ways.

0% chemical residue rating

Tupari wines carry New Zealand Wine Growers sustainability accreditation and both vigneron and winemaker work with holistic and sustainable viticulture and winemaking practices, which determine the unique personality of the Tupari portfolio.
We are proud to boast a 0% chemical residue rating – bringing you the promise and taste of pure wine that is growing from a genuine care and friendship with our land.

Permaculture planting between rows to encourage nature’s natural balance

Our kaitiaki lifestyle – natural custodians of the land

Kaitiaki is a Maori word meaning ‘custodian or caretaker of the land’. This is a perfect expression of our lifestyle and relationship we have with our slice of the Awatere Valley. Kaitiaki is one of the cornerstone principals of our business, an important part of creating truly exquisite artisan NZ wines.

Tupari is our business, our lifestyle and our home. We guard carefully against polluting our land, keeping it pure and safe for our animals, our children, the whole family…and you, the ones enjoying our wines. Tupari wines are the labour of our love, and it is our pleasure to share this with you.

Using sheep to ‘mow’ the grass in the vineyard