International Shipping

We are proud to be a part of the Wine Collective Direct (WCD) who provide specialist direct-to-door global shipping.  Buy wine hassle free online from any E-Cellar Door by simply logging onto WCD ( and adding your favourite wines to your cart as you visit Cellar Doors.

WCD will then collate your orders into one tidy shipment and send direct to your door.  All export and import compliance is taken care of along with any destination customs clearance, including the payment of any import charges, taxes & duties.  Too easy!!!  Sustainably packaged in reusable cartons, each bottle is hand-packed into it’s own wool hero wine guard to ensure safe transportation across the world.

Global shipping destinations include:

Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, UK Mainland, UK Non Mainland, Northern Ireland, USA (excluding Alabama, Arkansas, Michigan, Mississippi, South Dakota and Utah), Alaska and Hawaii.

Visit Wine Collective Direct now to get your favourite New Zealand wines on their way to you!