Our Story

Tupari Wines Story

Good wine is to be shared, in that, we agree. We understand what you are looking for – a delicious wine, an authentic story, a little gem. Our aim is to enrich the moments. And here we won’t let you down.

In a world full of smoke and mirrors, we produce something simple and true. Our lives are entwined with our land and our wine. We live in the magnificent Marlborough, the heartland of New Zealand wine. Our vineyard is in the Upper Awatere Valley. A place with a micro climate that creates beautiful and unique flavour in grapes.

We live on the land where the grapes are grown and we care about what goes into our soil – taking a sustainable and biological approach. For us, it’s a lifestyle philosophy about the way we want to live our lives and interact with the land. And this is how we make a difference. As true artisans working with our land to craft stunning wine to share with you.

Winemaking Style

There are so many reasons why our wine is delicious. Every decision we make is about creating the best possible wine for you to share. Some of the details are pretty technical. Like the fact that we leave our sauvignon blanc on the lees for six months, stirring weekly to create wine that is creamer, smoother and will last in your wine rack for longer. Our grape vines are pruned heavily – which means there are fewer grapes on each vine. This is a good thing, as the remaining grapes have more concentrated flavours. We love talking technical whenever we can, but we also know that most of you just want to know if the wine is good. It is. It's stunning.

Some History

Our founding families met when our winemaker Glenn and partner Sharon leased the Turnbull’s farm cottage. It only took a few bottles of wine for Glenn to convince the Turnbull’s that their river terraces were perfectly positioned to grow delicious grapes, and in 2002 Tūpari vineyard was planted.

For the Turnbull family, Tūpari began as a way to bring to the world the essence and purity of the magnificent Awatere Valley. For Glenn, Tūpari allows him to expertly interweave artistry and skill to create beautiful wine.