Tupari Cellar Door Procedures

COVID-19 : Alert Level 2


Reviewed 08/09/21

The wellbeing of people is the utmost importance, so please proceed with kindness.


Hand washing & sanitiser:

Staff to wash hands on entry to the Cellar Door.

Sanitiser, NZ Tracer code and sign in sheet available to public.

Visitors required to scan/sign in on entry. No record - no entry!

Staff and visitors to sanitise when customer enters


Face masks:

Staff required staff to wear a face mask.

Customers should wear a face mask but may remove it for wine tasting.



Surfaces, dispenser (esp around nozzles) and handles to be sprayed and wiped at start and end of day, after visitors leave or as required.

Ensure surface is dry before placing things on

Ensure edge of tasting glass doesn’t touch dispenser or nozzle.


Social Distancing:

Staff maintain 2m distance from customers (the desk creates this naturally).

Visitors restricted to one group of people at a time. If other groups of visitors are wanting to come in, we politely ask them to wait until the previous group have finished, or seat them in The Waiting Room if the socially distanced space is available.



  • Masks on
  • NZ Covid tracer app or register on entry
  • Social distancing, maintain 2m distance
  • cough/sneeze into your elbow
  • don’t touch your face
  • if you are sick please stay at home