Spring is in the air

We are just starting to get the emergence of this season’s shoots which will create a sea of green across the vineyard. A sure sign spring is here. The Tupari vineyard site is a unique, it has it’s own specific mesoclimate created by the geographical location.

What does this mean? It means our site produces wines with distinctive characteristics! This year the start of spring was slightly cooler than last year which delays the bud burst. In turn this affects the ripening and ultimately the flavors our grapes produce, so when we say out site is unique, we mean exactly that.

At this time of the year we carefully monitor the progress of the shoot growth as this is when we can see how many potential bunches of grapes there will be. If there are too many bunches they will be removed, this will be done by hand one vine at a time until we have the perfect amount of grapes to ensure the best possible quality.

Unfortunately we can’t yet see the flowers but they will appear shortly, they will look like tiny bunches of grapes. I will keep you posted of the progress as these start flowering (weather gods permitting).

Cheers Glenn, Winemaker

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