Chef Sander's Tūpari Twist - Venison Amore

Introducing.. Chef Sander from Karaka Cuisine explores wine matching... with a twist!

Oh deer! This is a recipe not to be missed, paired with our lovely Sauvignon Blanc this dish will have your taste buds excited! 

Venison Amore



  • Venison loin
  • Oil & Salt

Bechamel Sauce


Method 1 of 2 

  • Chop fennel and thyme. Saute on a high heat until caramelised.
  • Heat butter, oil and sliced garlic until starting to bubble.
  • Add flour and cook until bubbling all over.
  • Remove from heat. 
  • While whisking briskly to prevent overheating (and separation) add half the bottle of Goats Amore yoghurt.
  • Mix the wine into the remaining yoghurt and desired consistency is achieved


  • Fennel sprigs
  • Smoked almonds

Method 2 of 2 

  • Slice venison, place fennel around, drizzle with sauce and garnish with chopped smoked almonds and a few small, fresh sprigs of fennel.

Enjoy and share with your loved ones!


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